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Corporate FAQ


Here Is The Most Frequently Asked Questions.

Please note that this FAQ answers questions about our Home Support service plans only. Our Managed IT Services for businesses require us to know much more about your IT needs and use for us to determine how Linux Lab can help your business or organization.

Where are Linux Lab support technicians located?2023-12-21T11:51:07+05:30

All of our technicians are located in the India at our office in Mumbai, and Pune

Will Linux Lab technicians visit my home?2023-12-21T11:51:37+05:30

No, Linux Lab only offers remote technical assistance via the phone or internet. Since over 90% of issues can be resolved remotely, the service is ideal for the vast majority of issues that may occur with your technology. For the other 10% of issues, we can still guide you toward a solution or act on your behalf to achieve a resolution.

Where can I get support?2023-12-21T11:54:08+05:30

You can send request on our support mail ID or can contact via phone call.

Can Linux Lab access my computer after the remote session has ended?2023-12-21T11:54:39+05:30

No. The only way that our technicians can ever gain access to your computer is if you intentionally request help and then allow us to connect. We have no way of logging into your computer without your consent.

How much do Linux Lab services cost?2023-12-21T11:55:07+05:30

Please contact our support team

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